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I'm programming an EE extension, and in the save_settings() method, if I redirect() (after unsuccessful data validation), the message stored in the set_flashdata() method doesn't show. If I comment the redirect and let the method put the user back in the main extensions page, then the flashdata shows up fine. It's only if I redirect that the data isn't shown.

This is my save settings method - as near as I can tell I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary - it's mostly boilerplate as near as I can tell. I'd be very appreciative of anybody that can shed light on this...

function save_settings(){

    // no unauthorized access
    if (empty($_POST)) {

    // get the routestring then convert it to an array
    $routestring = $this->EE->security->xss_clean($this->EE->input->post('routes'));
    $results = $this->routes_to_array($routestring);

    // if the conversion was ok:
    if ($results['status'] == 'success') {

        // update db
        $this->EE->db->where('class', __CLASS__);
        $this->EE->db->update('extensions', array('settings' => serialize(array('routes' => $results['results']))));

        // set flash data
        $this->EE->session->set_flashdata('message_success', "Routes updated.");

    // if something went wrong during conversion:  
    } else {

        // set flash data then redirect back to edit screen
        $this->EE->session->set_flashdata('message_failure', $results['message']);


OK, this is my view file - as far as I can tell this is as boiler plate as it gets. More boiler plate than a dish that's been held in scalding water for ten minutes.

<?php echo form_open('C=addons_extensions'.AMP.'M=save_extension_settings'.AMP.'file=apsdsm_bossyboots'); ?>

<table class="mainTable" border="0"cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">



                <?php echo form_textarea(array('name'=>'routes', 'value' => $routestring)) ?>

                <?php echo form_submit('submit', 'Update Routes', 'class="submit"') ?>

<?php echo form_close()?>
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I think something else is going on here. That is almost exactly the same code I've used many times. Can you check Chrome/Firebug Network tab and make sure there aren't any stray redirects occurring? – Adrian Macneil Dec 29 '12 at 20:09
OK: so I checked the Network data: the only redirect going on there is the one in my code, and it looks like the ext_flash cookie is being set correctly - I can see the correct error data being passed along in the headers, but it's not displaying... – apsdsm Dec 30 '12 at 2:21
Sorry, not ext_flash, I meant exp_flash. – apsdsm Dec 30 '12 at 2:36
What method you using to display the flash data? – Adrian Macneil Dec 30 '12 at 19:10
I'm just letting the Expression Engine control panel take care of it - So, after the redirect I'm not including any special code in my 'save_settings' method or anything. I swear I've done that before and it's worked fine... – apsdsm Dec 31 '12 at 1:12

I'm not positive if this will work or not, but the CodeIgniter Session library has a method for keeping flashdata for more more request, I'd imagine this would help here.

Try adding this before the redirect: $this->EE->session->keep_flashdata('message_failure');

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Unfortunately, though that method is declared in the CI lib, it doesn't seem to be in the EE version... Flags an undefined error message... Thanks for the suggestion though, I appreciate it! – apsdsm Jan 2 '13 at 16:48

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