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What is the MySQL function for exp_members password column?

I forgot to save my password and am unable to get MAMP Pro's postfix working so I can't resend the password to myself from my local machine, unfortunately. What is the MySQL function used to generate ...

ee2 mysql password super-admin  
asked by Natetronn 8 votes
answered by Alex Kendrick 10 votes

How to make templates output JSON?

I am trying to use EE templates the same way I use CI controllers. Normally, when I need an "API" wherein my JS can call a URL (maybe with some POST variables) and get a JSON (or JSONP) response back, ...

add-on templates  
asked by ExpressionEngineNewbie 12 votes
answered by Tom Davies 15 votes

Removing index.php rewrite not working

I use the official EE rewrite rule to remove index.php. This has always worked for me just fine... until now. I am using a hosting company that I've not used before and it is acting funny. The ...

asked by Matt Fordham 7 votes
answered by Paulo Elias 6 votes

Populating Href With URL from Previous Page?

I'm basically trying to create a button that will take the users back to a search results page of a directory. Is there any way to populate href with the url of the previous page?

asked by Joe Bobby 6 votes
answered by Justin Long 10 votes

Where's the documentation for using Relationships with Grid fields?

I'm trying to do something like: {grid_fields} {grid_fields:relationship}{title}{/grid_fields:relationship} {/grid_fields} But I don't seem to be able to pull data out of the related ...

relationships grid  
asked by liamcrean 4 votes
answered by James Muspratt 17 votes

simple multi language site (two languages, mostly static content)

This is my first multi language project and should be very simple. The only dinamic content is for blog, but it doesn't need to be translated. I thought to take these steps, i would like to have some ...

multilingual multi-language  
asked by migliorosso 5 votes
answered by Bhashkar Yadav 2 votes

"no input file specified" - .htaccess

I'm in the process of migrating my sites to Media Temple. I need to change the htaccess file and add a '?' to successfully remove the 'index.php' from the URL. Without it I get "No input file ...

htaccess ce-cache  
asked by Niall Thompson 4 votes
answered by Jay F 8 votes
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