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How do I remove index.php from my URLs?

How can I remove index.php from my URLs? Please provide rationale for why the specific method should be used.

user avatar asked by Richard Frank Score of 3
user avatar answered by CreateSean Score of 14

What is the MySQL function for exp_members password column?

I forgot to save my password and am unable to get MAMP Pro's postfix working so I can't resend the password to myself from my local machine, unfortunately. What is the MySQL function used to generate ...

ee2 mysql password super-admin  
user avatar asked by Natetronn Score of 8
user avatar answered by Alex Kendrick Score of 10

How to redirect empty url to a specific page

I have an event website and I want visitors to to be redirected to "todays-info" is an entry, and I have "Enable strict URL'S" set to No so that I can ...

htaccess redirects  
user avatar asked by Paul Frost Score of 1
user avatar answered by jrothafer Score of 3

Create PDF from form data then email PDF

Has anyone come across a situation where the following process is required: HTML form is completed on website Form gets submitted PDF of form details is created Generated PDF is emailed to a ...

email forms html-email  
user avatar asked by Mike Dexter Score of 2
user avatar answered by nonprofit_tech Score of 2

What is parse order and how does it affect how my template is coded/rendered?

What exactly is parse order and how does it impact my template code and whether I should use embedded templates, global variables, snippets, low variables, stash or any other method that I may not ...

add-on parse low-variables parse-order template-scripting  
user avatar asked by CreateSean Score of 30

Force SSL on some URLs but non-SSL on others with .htaccess

I'd like to redirect requests for certain urls to secure https with .htaccess rules. I found this excellent tutorial:

htaccess ssl  
user avatar asked by Alex Roper Score of 5
user avatar answered by Alex Roper Score of 5

White screen of death after server move

I am moving my expression engine site and database to a new server. Everything seems to be directed correctly but when I access admin.php I get a blank page. Any thoughts?

server admin white-screen-of-death  
user avatar asked by erin Score of 7
user avatar answered by Stephen Callender Score of 7
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