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Replacing Controller and function name with attribute in Codeigniter?

in htaccess or route.php where from you want you can give answer for this issue. I Need some thing like this.if i have url : ...

php url-title codeigniter .htaccess routing  
asked by user2387 1 vote
answered by Max Lazar 2 votes

expression engine upgrade from 2 to 3 to 4

I've been working now for some years with EE2 but to upgrade to version 3 or 4 is not possible for me: To many plugins are not working with v3 or 4 or they don't exist anymore. It's a mess, sorry. ...

plugin upgrade  
asked by user2517 3 votes
answered by JCOGS Design 11 votes

How can i order by a custom field in a channel entries tag?

I need to pull out all the entries in a channel that are of a certain type of category. But, i also want to be able to then sort the entries by the value of a custom field in that channel. So right ...

channel filter  
asked by JohnWBaxter 11 votes
answered by janvl 17 votes

What is the best method for exporting channel entries as a spreadsheet?

My client has asked me to export all data as a spreadsheet. This includes playa and matrix data. What method would you suggest for accomplishing this?

asked by Richard Frank 8 votes
answered by foamcow 15 votes

Are PDFs still an XSS problem with EE uploads?

I keep running into this and I'm hoping there is a suitable solution - PDF uploads by anyone other than a super admin run into the error "the file cannot be written to disk". This persists unless, as ...

security uploads xss  
asked by Jean St-Amand 17 votes
answered by foamcow 34 votes

Can jquery-based sorting or loading, like isotope or infinite scroll have a negative effect on for SEO?

I'm curious what the community thinking is on this point. While infinite scrolling may present a user-friendly tool for listing a large number of entries, isn't there potentially a downside from an ...

categories filter seo  
asked by Jean St-Amand 1 vote
answered by James Smith 7 votes

How to redirect member login to previous page?

I am new to working with Expression Engine, so this might not be possible. The site I am working on has some pages that are private to members only. I'm assuming this is a built in feature of ...

members login freemember  
asked by Andrew 9 votes
answered by Mark J. Reeves 5 votes
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