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No input file specified on staging server

My site works fine locally and works fine at a dev installation. When loading it onto a network solutions hosting account, I get "No input file specified." on every page but the home page. Both dev ...

asked by brunam 2 votes
answered by Jay F 10 votes

Pixel and Tonic: Matrix fields not saving File/image data

Matrix version: EE Version: v2.2.2 PHP Version 5.4.13 When I save an image to a File field, it properly saves and publishes the content. But when I return to the entry to Edit it, the ...

asked by Creative Arc 3 votes
answered by joshangell 3 votes

How to redirect empty url to a specific page

I have an event website and I want visitors to to be redirected to "todays-info" is an entry, and I have "Enable strict URL'S" set to No so that I can ...

htaccess redirects  
asked by Paul Frost 1 vote
answered by jrothafer 3 votes

mod_fcgid: read data timeout in 45 seconds --> Premature end of script headers: admin.php

I'm getting a 500 Error when trying to save a rather large entry. (By "rather large" I mean it includes a 4x9 Matrix, 31x4 Matrix, 5x3 Matrix, Tag, and few text fields.) The Publish screen hangs for ...

asked by Michael Rog 6 votes
answered by Dom Stubbs 1 vote

Remove index.php from URLs on WAMP

I am trying to remove index.php from my URLs on my local WAMP server using the supported .htaccess code: <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On # Removes index.php from ...

url htaccess  
asked by Amy Witty 2 votes
answered by Anna_MediaGirl 1 vote

Difference between quoted and unquoted comparison syntax

In general, when comparing variables in templates, I use unquoted variable names. e.g., {if segment_3 == category_url_title} If comparing to an actual value (not a variable), I quote the value. e.g.,...

comparison ifelse syntax conditionals  
asked by Derek Hogue 26 votes
answered by Wouter Vervloet 13 votes

$this->db->last_query() not picking up the right query

I've got a Active Record query which i need to grab the sql from, so i'm doing the query and then i'm doing for example $query = $this->EE->db->select('foo')->get('bar'); $bob = $...

asked by JohnWBaxter 3 votes
answered by Joshua Baker 12 votes
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