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What is parse order and how does it affect how my template is coded/rendered?

What exactly is parse order and how does it impact my template code and whether I should use embedded templates, global variables, snippets, low variables, stash or any other method that I may not ...

add-on parse low-variables parse-order template-scripting  
asked by CreateSean 30 votes

$this->db->last_query() not picking up the right query

I've got a Active Record query which i need to grab the sql from, so i'm doing the query and then i'm doing for example $query = $this->EE->db->select('foo')->get('bar'); $bob = ...

asked by JohnWBaxter 3 votes
answered by Josh Baker 12 votes

What is the MySQL function for exp_members password column?

I forgot to save my password and am unable to get MAMP Pro's postfix working so I can't resend the password to myself from my local machine, unfortunately. What is the MySQL function used to generate ...

ee2 mysql password super-admin  
asked by Natetronn 7 votes
answered by Alex Kendrick 10 votes

ExpressionEngine on PHP7

PHP 7 Release Candidate 7 came out today. Rasmus Lerdorf has been giving talks on the advantages of PHP7 including benchmarking against many popular PHP applications -- for example here's the ...

php performance compatibility  
asked by AllInOne 8 votes
answered by user1013 3 votes

Are PDFs still an XSS problem with EE uploads?

I keep running into this and I'm hoping there is a suitable solution - PDF uploads by anyone other than a super admin run into the error "the file cannot be written to disk". This persists unless, as ...

security uploads xss  
asked by Jean St-Amand 17 votes
answered by foamcow 34 votes

What do you put in your .gitignore for ExpressionEngine sites?

I'd like to keep my git repo as clean as possible without cache files and content image files. Also I'd like to preserve the ExpressionEngine images directory structure. What are you gitignore ...

git repo .gitignore  
asked by Richard Frank 11 votes
answered by Ryan Masuga 18 votes

How to hide/show groups of markers by category with Google Maps for ExpressionEngine module

I'm looking to do something like what is done right here. So here's the breakdown of what I need to do: Have markers grouped by category Have a checkbox (or anchor) for each category When ...

asked by vibe9 2 votes
answered by foamcow 1 vote
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