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What might cause "No direct script access allowed" during EE update

I'm in the process of updating a site from EE 2.9.0 to 2.9.3. As always, I've follow through the update process specified in the docs step by step. Upon running the update wizard the process seemed to ...

asked by Rick Lecoat 1 vote

Can I use custom map image tiles with Google Maps for ExpressionEngine?

I need to display a Google Map with markers generated from Channel Fields, using a custom map tile instead of Google's satellite imagery. If I know where corners/points of my image map to exact lat/...

google-maps google-maps-for-ee mx-google-map  
asked by Michael Rog 3 votes
answered by Johnathan Waters 2 votes

Move ExpressionEngine from development to live (same server)

I'm 95% of the way through a project just now and soon I am going to have to move EE from the 'development' folder to the 'live' folder. My questions before I do this are: Can I just copy all the EE ...

database server server-migration staging-server  
asked by Stephen O'Connor 4 votes
answered by Mark J. Reeves 13 votes

How to create a global variable inside config.php

I'm trying to build a simple config bootstrap for use in multi-server environments. I realise there are lots of config bootstraps around, but a lot of the popular ones seem a bit complicated for what ...

config global-variables  
asked by Stephen 7 votes

expression engine upgrade from 2 to 3 to 4

I've been working now for some years with EE2 but to upgrade to version 3 or 4 is not possible for me: To many plugins are not working with v3 or 4 or they don't exist anymore. It's a mess, sorry. ...

plugin upgrade  
asked by user2517 3 votes
answered by JCOGS Design 11 votes

2.7 Update Error with PT Fieldtype

Just upgraded from 2.5.5 to 2.7 Not a smooth upgrade as it whitescreened - when I turned errors on it gave me this: Fatal error: Class PT_Fieldtype contains 1 abstract method and must therefore be ...

pixelandtonic field-pack  
asked by John Moylan 9 votes
answered by Low 12 votes

How to implement AJAX "add to cart" with Expresso Store?

I looked everywhere and i cant seem to find anyone talking about how they have done it... im sure i could write something custom to do it but wanted to see if anyone else out there had already solved ...

expresso-store ajax  
asked by Keith Mancuso 8 votes
answered by Adrian Macneil 9 votes
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