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How to stop external site redirect hijacking?

We are recently seeing a number of external sites trying to leverage the core of EE to use our site to force referrals that look like they are coming from our domain. My assumption is they are trying ...

redirects security core redirection  
asked by Adam Christianson 4 votes

Populating Href With URL from Previous Page?

I'm basically trying to create a button that will take the users back to a search results page of a directory. Is there any way to populate href with the url of the previous page?

asked by Joe Bobby 6 votes
answered by Justin Long 10 votes

CSV format file generated from a template, how to prevent Safari on Mac downloading as html file?

I have an Exp Eng template that generate a .csv format file using a channel tag. I also insert the headers of the file using php, as shown below (those are the fist lines of the template). In Firefox ...

asked by Bob Foster 2 votes
answered by Anna_MediaGirl 1 vote

Running subsections of a site through subdomains

Is it possible to run a subsection of a site, a blog for instance, from a subdomain (i.e. and manage it from the same EE Control Panel without the use of MSM?

multi-site-manager subdomain  
asked by Stuart McCoy 3 votes
answered by Mel 6 votes

Unable to save your template as a text file

When saving a template I'm greeted with this rather familiar error: Unable to save your template as a text file It's definitely the server path, since the permissions of the templates folder are ...

ee2 path  
asked by janvl 2 votes
answered by Anna_MediaGirl 9 votes

ExpressionEngine and GIT Process

I'm looking to change my ExpressionEngine development process to integrated GIT for version control. What is the best place to start? I work on a PC. I use UniServer for LAMP, Aptana Studio 3 for ...

asked by Anna_MediaGirl 28 votes
answered by Jae Barclay 21 votes

Can jquery-based sorting or loading, like isotope or infinite scroll have a negative effect on for SEO?

I'm curious what the community thinking is on this point. While infinite scrolling may present a user-friendly tool for listing a large number of entries, isn't there potentially a downside from an ...

categories filter seo  
asked by Jean St-Amand 1 vote
answered by James Smith 7 votes
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