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How to stop registration emails from going to spam?

I have an EE site with 30-50 daily registrations. We're noticing that a lot of the registration confirmation emails are going to spam folders lately (through testing and user reports, along with a ...

members email registration  
asked by Jacob Russell 6 votes
answered by Christopher Kennedy 5 votes

DB Error on Upgrade from 2.5.3 to 2.5.5

I've just run through the upgrade process from EE 2.5.3 to 2.5.5 but when attempting to visit the control panel the following error is returned: A Database Error Occurred Error Number: 1054 ...

database upgrade  
asked by Ian 6 votes
answered by foamcow 6 votes

EE2 upgrade to EE3, how to upgrade addons?

I am a newbie to expressionengine and I am working on upgrading EEv2.8.1 to EE3.5.16 for my company. On EE2 we use a lot of addons. I want to upgrade the addons during the EE upgrade process. I ...

add-on ee2-upgrades  
asked by HelenaX 1 vote
answered by JCOGS Design 2 votes

Unable to save your template as a text file

When saving a template I'm greeted with this rather familiar error: Unable to save your template as a text file It's definitely the server path, since the permissions of the templates folder are ...

ee2 path  
asked by janvl 2 votes
answered by Anna_MediaGirl 9 votes

url rewrite / removing index.php on IIS 7

Does anyone have experience doing this on a windows server, running IIS7? I've got access to the IIS manager, and the URL Rewrite module, but how to setup the rewrite rules, and how should the ...

url htaccess server  
asked by Michael Rasmussen 2 votes
answered by Steven Grant 4 votes

Difference $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] on ExpressionEngine and PHP

I'm currently using the $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] variable inside my config file. In ExpressionEngine this is returned : /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/devee In PHP (no CMS) this is returned : /...

ee2 server  
asked by Simon 2 votes
answered by Adrian Macneil 6 votes

How to Display an Entry's Category?

I'm on a single product entry page. The URL does not specify the category. In fact, the entry has 3 category groups associated with it. I want to display the first category assigned from each of the ...

templates conditionals categories  
asked by NotoriousWebmaster 6 votes
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