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Can't login to CP after logging out

Having an issue logging back into the control panel after having been logged out. When attempting to login, I am returned to the login screen with no error messages or other notices. The only way I am ...

multi-site-manager control-panel login  
asked by Jonathan Matlock 15 votes
answered by foamcow 11 votes

ExpressionEngine on PHP7

PHP 7 Release Candidate 7 came out today. Rasmus Lerdorf has been giving talks on the advantages of PHP7 including benchmarking against many popular PHP applications -- for example here's the ...

php performance compatibility  
asked by AllInOne 8 votes
answered by user1013 3 votes

Display the number of entries in a channel

I would like to display the total number of entries for a channel and nothing else is required to be displayed. Is there a more efficient way to do this than the following? {exp:channel:entries ...

entries count  
asked by mkuk 7 votes
answered by James Smith 9 votes

Saving Credit Card Info

I am working on a website in ExpressionEngine2 and need to save the user's credit card information in the database as I also need to display this in a dropdownlist in the front end (whichever credit ...

ee2 security  
asked by heinkasner 6 votes
answered by Max Lazar 18 votes

How can i order by a custom field in a channel entries tag?

I need to pull out all the entries in a channel that are of a certain type of category. But, i also want to be able to then sort the entries by the value of a custom field in that channel. So right ...

channel filter  
asked by JohnWBaxter 11 votes
answered by janvl 17 votes

Having SMTP email issues

Typically I'm able to use PHP Mail on sites I develop but this client has an Exchange Server that requires SMTP over TSL. Since Freeform Pro uses the Email module in EE, my contact form needs to work ...

email solspace-freeform smtp  
asked by Stuart McCoy 3 votes
answered by nonprofit_tech 5 votes

Upgrade to 2.7.2 got this error "An Error Was Encountered Non-existent class: Addons"

Anyone else seen this error during an EE 2.7.2 upgrade? "An Error Was Encountered Non-existent class: Addons" If I remove installer, the CP error says: Your ExpressionEngine installation’s ...

upgrade php-errors addons  
asked by Mary Ellen Slater 3 votes
answered by Max Lazar 4 votes
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