I had developed an extension (hooked with zoo_visitor_register_end) using Channel Entry API which creates a new channel entry by setting the title of this entry with a custom field value of Zoo Visitors.

But faced a sudden strange problem. Now its updating the new channel entry's title with member's email.

Everything was working great since more than 5 months. The problem came after updating EE 2.5.5 (2 weeks ago). Site is MSM.

I am hitting my head since yesterday but couldn't find any pointer. I 'll highly appreciate your help.

Edited * Below is the code I am using to create new entry via channel entry API:


$data = array(
        'title'         => $member_data['CUSTOM_FIELD'],
        'entry_date'    => $this->EE->localize->now,
        'author_id'     => $member_id,
        'status'    => 'new',
        'site_id'   => $this->EE->config->item('site_id'),
        'channel_id'    => 14

if ($this->EE->api_channel_entries->submit_new_entry(14, $data) === FALSE)
    $errors = $this->EE->api_channel_entries->errors ;
    $entry_id = $this->EE->api_channel_entries->entry_id;

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Be sure to pass the 'entry_id' index in the data array. It seems redundant, but I have ran into the same issue. Report back and let me know if this fixes your issue.

$data['entry_id'] = $entry_id;

$this->EE->api_channel_entries->update_entry($entry_id, $data);

It's important note, this is deprecated as of 2.6


  • Thanks justin, but I 'm using EE v2.5.5 and I am creating new entry not updating existing entry. I updated the question with the code.
    – GPY
    May 2, 2013 at 18:12

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