when my email notification is sent when I create and entry using mx_notifier any images that are from an entry's text area field do not have the full path.

ie: they display as src="/images/uploads/pic.jpg"

instead of http://www.domain.com/images/uploads/pic.jpg

any way to change the src link to an image easily?

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The notify templates just take regular EE tags, don't they? Assuming they also support other add-on tags, could you use Low Replace to search for src="/ and replace with src="{site_url}/ ?

It supports regex too if you need to get a bit fancier with what you need replaced, especially given the likelihood that you'd need to include quotes in what's found/replaced.

  • that sounds like it would work well. You are right in that I need to replace quotes. Any tips on how this can be done with regex? May 3, 2013 at 19:00


{exp:low_replace find="src=QUOTE/" replace="src=QUOTEhttp://domain.com/"} {exp:ez_image_resize:run max_width="500" quality="100"} {content} {/exp:ez_image_resize:run} {/exp:low_replace}

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