I am trying to do something which I suspect is quite simple.

I am referencing a channel field to rerun results to populate a series of check boxes. If there are no results I wish to say 'There are no results".

{exp:channel:entries channel="sales" disable="categories|category-fields|member-data|pagination" status="open" sort="asc"} 
    <label class="checkbox">
       <input type="checkbox" value="{postcode1}">
    {if no_results}Sorry, No Results{/if}

Any thoughts?


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You just need to add require_entry="yes" as a parameter on your opening channel:entries tag and your code should work as expected.

See the documentation on that here.

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    Maybe worth noting that if you don't have require_entry="yes", the entries tag will default to showing the most recent entries. Dec 3, 2012 at 20:01

Any chance you are using this in conjunction with Croxton's ifelse plugin (I see you tagged your question with ifelse)? If so, you need to use the {no_results}{/no_results} tag pair instead of the if statement you are using.

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