EE 2.5.5 PLaya 4.4.1 Zoo Visitor 1.3.23

On this site I have members who can edit their profile and select divisions that they belong to (playa). On the front end I can easily limit the display of their profile to only 4 divisions - :)

However on the divisions section of the site - Each division lists all members of that division using exp:playa:parents. The issue is how do I limit it so that a member only appears in the first 4 divisions that they have selected? As it stands I have a test member who is in 10 divisions and they appear in all divisions, however on their member profile only the first 4 divisions are displayed.

Ideally when setting up the playa field and selecting Allow multiple selections I could limit the number of selections but that doesn't appear to be possible.

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    update - On Twitter Brandon Kelley has said he will add this to the next version of Playa.
    – CreateSean
    May 8, 2013 at 17:14

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Could you simply have 4 playa fields limited to a single selection each?


looks like this options is still not in Playa.




var selectItems = function($items) {


var selectItems = function($items) {

    obj.limit = $items.parents("label:first").data('limit');
    obj.totalSelect = obj.selectionsSelect.$items.length + 1;

    if (obj.totalSelect > obj.limit) {
        return false;

SafeCracker/Zoo Visitor template code (data-limit is how many options can user choose)

       <label class="input" data-limit="3">

Doing this without building a custom add-on will probably be quite tricky. The only way I can think of is by using a Matrix field limited to 4 rows, with a single-select Playa field in one of the columns. Not a particularly great experience for editing your profile, but it would work.

Edit to add: the upside would be that you could store extra data against each selection very easily, should the site's requirements ever grow.

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