I am trying to find the most common way to add entries to the home page and then reorder them.

In the past I have set a custom status and used Low Reorder to sort the entries.

Are there other methods people prefer?

I have tested https://bitbucket.org/ajweaver/ajw_selecteditems/src but it hasn't been updated in a while and also throwing an error in EE 2.6 so i'm hesistant to use it.

Appreciate any thoughts.


  • Did any of the answers below do the trick for you ? Mar 11, 2014 at 17:28

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Various approaches for such things. Here are my favorites:

Create a homepage channel with one entry and as many custom fields as you need. You could use a Playa or a relationship field to select and order the entries you want on the homepage. Approach detailed by Leevi Graham on GitHub

Using Low Variables, make a bunch of variables to control your homepage. Create a Playa, Relationship variable for the entries you want to order on your homepage. Alternatively, you can also use the select entries variable type bundled with Low Variables.

Hope that helps.


I suggest you to use the new relationship field.

Since now it's possible to select several entries and reorder them, you can have a relationship field for your home page. You can use the Pages Module to make a homepage setting its URL to '/', or you can create a Channel for homepages. Both ways, you can have relationship fields to select and reorder the chosen entries.

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