I am working on an extension that takes some entry data (from the control panel) and performs some tasks with it, just prior to insert/update. I am currently using the "entry_submission_end" hook to accomplish this. However, I would like to abort the entry submission/update process if my extension tasks are not completed successfully. It doesn't look like the "entry_submission_end" hook provides the

if (ee()->extensions->end_script === TRUE) return;

code to do this. What hook can I use to accomplish this? Thanks.


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Actually, that hook does check for end_script - it just happens inside the trigger_hook() method.

However, if you want to bail out of an insert/update when your custom tasks are not completed, then you need to use something earlier than entry_submission_end (it's too late at that point, the entry has already been submitted).

I'd suggest either entry_submission_start or entry_submission_ready.

And be sure to redirect the user after you set ee()->extensions->end_script to TRUE, lest they end up at the WSOD!

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