Is there a good way to determine which page template was loaded for a given URI? I'd like to be able to use this information from an add-on.

For example, if my root template group is home and the user visits /, I want to see that home/index is being used. If the user visits /foo, does EE expose information about whether it has loaded home/foo or foo/index or something else?

When using Structure, I can check for a global variable named structure:page:template_id, and if that exists, I can easily query for that template. But if Structure isn't in use, I can't find a good way to determine which template is used.

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You'll have to use another hook, template_fetch_template, and cache the template_id there:

public function template_fetch_template($row)
  if ( ! ee()->session->cache('your_extension', 'template_id'))
    ee()->session->set_cache('your_extension', 'template_id', $row['template_id']);

public function some_other_hook()
  $template_id = ee()->session->cache('your_extension', 'template_id');

  //do stuff here with your template_id

I literally just saw this plugin on twitter this morning: Template Info, which was originally developed by Leevi Graham for EE1, and then Sean ported to EE2.

Just add one or all of the following tags to your template:

{exp:template_info attribute="template_id"}
{exp:template_info attribute="template_name"}
{exp:template_info attribute="template_group_id"}
{exp:template_info attribute="template_group_name"}

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