I have created a test version of my site in a subfolder of my live site.

The root of my live site is in /public_html and my test site is in /public_html/test.mydomain.com.

I have set up a dns record for the subdomain to point to the subfolder.

I have copied the database and linked the test site to the test database.

I have edited the entries in the config file as follows. If the main site entry is:

$conf['tmpl_file_basepath'] = "/usr/www/users/capeto/system/template_files";

... the test site entry is:

$conf['tmpl_file_basepath'] = "/usr/www/users/capeto/test.mysite.com/system/template_files";

The homepage of my test site displays fine,but none of the subpages. I am getting a 404 on all of them. For example the page http://test.mysite.com/about/ returns a 404 page.

In the template debugging code it says:

(0.001131) Template group and template not found, showing 404 page

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

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Do you have an .htaccess file in the test.mysite.com/ directory too? You will need one if you are removing index.php. You can try going to http://test.mysite.com/index.php/about to see if this may be your issue.

  • If possible you should not use .htaccess files, but modify (or add an Apache file to) your site's configuration that does the redirect. .htaccess files are a security risk, and by Apache's own admission slow your responses down because Apache has to read all the .htaccess files on a per-directory basis rather than all at once when the web server starts up. Reference
    – tatlar
    May 12, 2014 at 17:13

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