Hoping someone can help me with this...

We are using the multi_add_to_cart_form to create custom product packages. The site sells classes and the client is offering a class add-on that can be added to the cart when the class is added to the cart. Classes are in one channel, add-ons are in another channel. The add-ons are added to classes via Playa. This works great to create a nice class page with selectable add-ons.

Here's my dilemma - classes are not taxable. The add-on products are. How can I allow tax to be applied to the products, but not the classes when they are added to the cart??

If I use:


Nothing is taxed. And if I remove the tax_exempt="yes", everything is taxed. Any way to work around this? Maybe a way to pass a tax variable via hidden field?

Looking forward to any suggestions! And I will buy you many beers! :-)

Thanks, Danielle

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Have you tried the hidden input method?

[ input type="hidden" name="tax_exempt[#]" value="yes" ]

Would be interested to know if this works too.

  • We tried that, but it did not work. Commented Aug 22, 2013 at 13:26

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