I am using Carthrob with the price modifiers fieldtype.

In the add to cart form everything works as it should. However, when I add an item to the cart, I can't get the price to display, and the cart total is all out of wack.

I have done a variety of tests but can't figure out the issue. Can anyone take a look at the following code and see if I am missing something really obvious?

I have the following code for my add to cart form:

{exp:cartthrob:add_to_cart_form return="enter/checkout"}

    {exp:cartthrob:item_options entry_id="{entry_id}" }
        {select id="purchase-submissions-select" class="standard required"}
            <option {selected} value="{option_value}">{option_name} {price}</option>

    <input id="purchase-submissions-submit" type="submit" value="Submit" />


and this as a test in my cart:

{exp:cartthrob:update_cart_form return="/index.php/basket/"}

        {item_option:fees} - {price} - {quantity}<br />

        {if last_row}


P.S I have seen the other thread with a similar problem, and have checked and its not the same issue (i.e no dollar symbols in with the price).

Thank you.

  • I doubt it'll fix it, but it can't hurt. Every example I've seen has cart_items_info on the outside of update_cart_form. Maybe try swapping them. Commented May 27, 2013 at 14:23
  • Also, in cart_items_info. You should use {item_price} instead of {price}. Commented May 27, 2013 at 14:27

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Have you got your cookies set up in admin/config? I've been going through a similar issue.

Also, check to see if your server I've and computer time are pretty close. It old be that your sessions are a bit lost.

I ran through these: http://cartthrob.com/docs/pages/troubleshooting/#add-to-cart-problems

You may well have seen this already.

Are ou using msm at all? Or Stash?

Lastly, it's a long shot, but add parse="inward" on your item_options. It could be that it's not parsing right.

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