I have a P&T matrix field with a series of cells: images/title/dimensions/date/price

I display all the images in a row and if I click on the image I would like to go to a single entry page that shows ONLY that one image with the other cells (title/date etc)

Is this possible or am I better off makeing each row it's own entry?

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There's an add-on called Matrix URL Title, also from P&T, that would allow you to do something like this. It would involve some conditionals in your template, as you might expect, but I've done it before. Worth a look anyway if your user entry flow makes more sense as a matrix rather than a new channel entry per row.


Great question! In my experience, when you need a specific page for content like this, while Matrix is tempting, it is far more efficient (and easier) to create a new channel and/or channel entry.

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