Recently I've installed the Channel Polls module of Devdemon on my development environment. I addded the fieldtype to the channel and edited a existing entry, when I press submit the system will throw a database error.

INSERT INTO <code>exp_developer_log</code> (<code>site_id</code>, <code>entry_id</code>, <code>channel_id</code>, <code>field_id</code>, <code>member_id</code>, <code>poll_status</code>, <code>allow_multiple</code>, <code>member_groups</code>, <code>result_order</code>, <code>show_results</code>, <code>chart_type</code>, <code>chart_width</code>, <code>chart_height</code>, <code>chart_bg</code>, <code>function</code>, <code>line</code>, <code>file</code>, <code>deprecated_since</code>, <code>use_instead</code>, <code>timestamp</code>) VALUES ('1', '4', '5', '68', 1, '1', '0', '1|5', 'answer_order', 'after_vote', 'google_pie_3d', '350', '300', 'FFFFFF', 'convert_human_date_to_gmt()', 478, 'C:\Projects\SP Haarlem\Website\Development\2.6.1\system\expressionengine\third_party\channel_polls\ft.channel_polls.php', '2.6', 'Localize::string_to_timestamp', 1370352409)

Unknown column 'site_id' in 'field list'

INSERT INTO exp_developer_log (site_id, entry_id, channel_id, field_id, member_id, poll_status, allow_multiple, member_groups, result_order, show_results, chart_type, chart_width, chart_height, chart_bg, function, line, file, deprecated_since, use_instead, timestamp) VALUES ('1', '4', '5', '68', 1, '1', '0', '1|5', 'answer_order', 'after_vote', 'google_pie_3d', '350', '300', 'FFFFFF', 'convert_human_date_to_gmt()', 478, 'C:\Projects\Website\Development\2.6.1\system\expressionengine\third_party\channel_polls\ft.channel_polls.php', '2.6', 'Localize::string_to_timestamp', 1370352409)

When I lookup the table exp_developer_log I see a lot of fields but not the fields that a described in the query above.

  • In order to still be able to develop my website using channel polls I've disabled the line of code that triggers the logging method. Library - Localize.php - Line 933
    – 0x1ad2
    Jun 5, 2013 at 7:28

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This is an issue with Channel Polls and ExpressionEngine 2.6.1. I have replied to your support ticket and we will get a new version out asap with support for 2.6.1.




This has been fixed in the latest Channel Polls release.


We have the latest version 2.7.4 together with EE 2.5.3 but get a similar error. Any idea what this can be?

Fatal error: Call to undefined function ee() in /.../system/expressionengine/third_party/channel_polls/ft.channel_polls.php on line 476

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