I'm trying to create a directory of pet stores in UK&Ireland and I would like to know how I can input the brands each store carries into the CMS.It is just me doing the data entry so I wanted to be able to copt / paste from each store website and past their a-z of brand into one box but I've been told by my website designer that it isn't possible to do this as the results get mixed up ? Is this the case and how can I avoid months of manual entry and possible human error ?

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I would look at creating a channel to store the brands in and a channel to store the stores in. This way you can use the relationship fieldtype to link the pair together.


  • I used to use this approach, but it isn't a good idea by performance issues. If you can use categories instead of relationships, you should.
    – Sobral
    Jun 5, 2013 at 14:11
  • Setting this up using categories doesn't feel right. A brand is a singular where as a category would suggest multiples. It well be less of a performance hit though.
    – Dave
    Jun 10, 2013 at 8:42
  • This is definitely the way to go. Polly did you finally resolve this?
    – CreateSean
    Jun 14, 2013 at 18:58

If you just paste all data into one single form field, is going to be really hard to:

  • to filter entries by this data;
  • to format the presentation of the this data;
  • to edit part of this data;

Imagine that one brand closes or change its name. How will you edit all stores at once? How will you list all stores by brand?

And copy/paste process isn't a good way to avoid possible human error.

I believe the best way is to use categories as brands and hire an backend developer, not a designer, to code a program that grab the data and turns into categories.

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