I've been trying to upgrade from Assets 1.2.1 to 2.1.3 but I get this error when I click "run module updates" as the docs explain to do. The error I receive is:

A Database Error Occurred Error Number: 1054

Unknown column 'file_path' in 'exp_assets'


Filename: /path/to/html/third_party/assets/upd.assets.php

Line Number: 403

ExpressionEngine is version 2.5.3

  • This looks like it might turn into a bug report... care to send an email over to [email protected] with some CP/FTP credentials so we can dig in and see what's going on?
    – Brad Bell
    Jun 4, 2013 at 21:36
  • @BradBell The site is on a local install, I can't push it live because it's also giving front-end errors. I'd be happy to share my screen on Skype if that's an option? Jun 4, 2013 at 21:55
  • Can you shoot an email over to [email protected] so we can figure something out?
    – Brad Bell
    Jun 5, 2013 at 18:44
  • I sent one last night, but maybe it got buried along with other requests. Just sent another email. Jun 5, 2013 at 22:43
  • Weird... not getting anything. Not even in SPAM folder.
    – Brad Bell
    Jun 5, 2013 at 23:20

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The update stalled and left a few tables in the database that needed deleted. I deleted the tables and reran the install. Working fine now.

Thanks to P&T for all their support!

  • In case it helps anyone else... I was updating from Assets v1.2.1 to 2.3.2 and ran into the same error. The tables I needed to delete to have an error-free upgrade were assets_folders, assets_sources, assets_files, assets_selections, assets_index_data, and assets_rackspace_access. YMMV. Back up your database first!
    – Alex Kendrick
    Jun 23, 2014 at 17:01

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