Is there a way to reorder assets using the Assets plugin?

I want to allow the client to upload a series of files and then choose which order to display them on the front end.


I don't think it's possible to change the order of items in Assets as this is mainly intended as a global asset management addon and not particularly linked to display in front-end templates. You will probably be better off doing this in a Channel Entry where you pull in your assets and then set things like an order on the output.

Matrix (also by Pixel & Tonic) will help you to do this where you can place each asset in it's own row providing a way to order them. Matrix multi-upload will also provide an easier way for users to upload a batch of files at a time whilst actually creating that entry saving switching back and forth.

Alternatively you could use something such as Channel Images where you're doing much the same thing and pulling in assets into a channel entry with the option to set ordering and various other options before saving.

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