Im trying to exclude a specific category from a playa loop. As the doc says, most of the exp:channel:entries parameters are available so I've added the category parameter to the playa field.

If i declare a category inside the paya tag as below:

{my_playa_field category="16"}

all works like a charm.

But if I try this:

{my_playa_field category="not 16"}

it simply doesn't work.

Where am I wrong?

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I have not used playa in a while, but just to make sure before I look further into this, what do you get when you use the "not 16" parameter, any output at all?

Are you sure that there a values that are not category 16?

Maybe try...

{my_playa_field category="15"}

...to assure you have valid data to return.

  • I'm running into this same issue with playa and categories. EE 2.6.1 and Playa 4.4.3. Using category="not 16" always outputs nothing, while removing the "not" works.
    – Jon Horton
    Commented Jul 1, 2013 at 15:29

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