I have Wygwam 2.7.1 / EE 2.5.5 - When trying to add an image in the CkEditor - the 'Browse Server' button has disappeared on all multi-sites but is present and working in the main site.

I am using the CP inside the main site and switching between sites, but as above, can't browse server or upload through the file manager on any multi-sites.

File Browser is working fine across sites.

Any similar experiences? Fixes?

  • I'm having the same problem right now. EE 2.8.0 and Wygwam 3.2.2. Did you found out how to solve the problem? Apr 24, 2014 at 7:52

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I figured it out. The Browse Server button only appears when the upload directory belongs to the current site.

In the Wygwam settings you can create different configurations. By default there are the Basic and Full configuration.

You can use the clone function to duplicate the configuration you're using now. For me this is Basic. After you clone it you can rename it to Basic {site_name} and change the `Upload Directory to a directory that belongs to the matching site.

Now you can go to the channel field and change Editor Configuration to your newly made configuration.

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