In my template, my custom plugin is parsed before others plugins, is there a way to say to EE that I want my plugin to be parsed at the end?

    {exp:gwcode_categories parse="inward"}
{exp:mycustom_plugin:s value="{cat_id}"} //ex: 1, my log file says this is ok! 

{exp:mycustom_plugin:g value"} //should say:1 but in my log file, the constructor of my plugin is called before GWcode Categories

My plugin has persistence, and that works fine outside EE 2.5.5

  • Is this sample code right? Looks like something is missing. – Robson Sobral Jul 2 '13 at 13:28

You'll have to use an embed -- OR -- use Mark Croxton's Stash to store the category id in a stash variable before using it somewhere else in the template.


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