Ok I have brands for products stored as a Playa so I can do various things with them...obviously simple things like:

{cf_paper_brand} {title} {/cf_paper_brand}

However, later I want to include a list of articles based on that product's brand. I am storing these related articles in low variables(of playas) -

lv_brand1_articles, lv_brand2_articles


Thus my basic issue is I want to retrieve/choose the appropriate low variable based on the playa brand field.

This seems like it should be easy, and certainly I can do it with a bunch of conditionals I guess. But I am thinking there must be a more elegant solution...basically, I just need to get the brand title once and then use this in a few spots as a 'stub' when retrieving the low variable

In pseudo code:

if cf_product_brand == "brand1" then
    {exp:low_variables:parse var="{lv_brand1_articles}" var_prefix="brand_articles"}
else if cf_product_brand == "brand1"
    {exp:low_variables:parse var="{lv_brand2_articles}" var_prefix="brand_articles"}
else if....

etc... but for a LOT of brands, and I have related articles, links, and files. So I will end up with a block of 30+ conditionals - which sucks. Basically, I want to keep this mess of conditionals out of my template or at least in one spot in the template.

SO - If could set a stub of the brand title somehow, then retrieve {lv_{stub}_articles} - that would work....but I can't seem to do this. I have tried with stash but I am new to all the parse order issues and getting confused. I am thinking maybe I need to use a low variable with a pre_parse thing but can't quite seem to get it ...

Any help much appreciated!! I am relatively new to EE and Stack Exchange etc. Hope I have asked correctly!

(And note - the brand is not available in the segment_x variables as it's not in the URL. I could in theory put it there, but I'd really prefer not to)

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Ok for future reference, this is how I did it:

                {exp:playa:children field='cf_paper_brand' var_prefix="brand"}
                    {exp:low_variables:parse var="lv_links_{brand:url_title}" var_prefix="brand_links"}
                             ****** B- {brand_links:link_text}{brand_links:link_description}

Predictably, this seems obvious now.

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