I'm trying to order a product that has one or more modifiers. I added a modifier which let's the user order a box or bag of a specific product. Now I'd like to be able to purchase that modifier with a push of a button. So I can show both modifiers with an amount, the modifier name and the order button to add it to the cart. Is such a thing possible?

{if modifier_type == 'var_single_sku'}
                <table border="0">
                        <th colspan="2">{option_name}</th>
                                <input type="hidden" value="{option_id}" name="{modifier_input_name}">
                                <input type="text" size="2" id="frm-order-number" value="1" name="item_qty" data-required="true">
                            <td><input type="submit" title="Orderww" value="Add" title="Add to cart"></td>

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If a product has more than one modifier then this wouldn't be possible as you'd need the user to select the options. A size modifier and a colour modifier for instance present two different choices so you couldn't have an individual quantity field or button for each one.

If you did just have one modifier per product however then it may be possible to use the Product Form tag which allows the customer to specify quantities for more than one product at a time and then add them all to the cart at once. It's primary use however, is intended for individual products so it would take a little creative templating and possible a query or two to get it to work with modifiers of the same product.


As Ian mentioned it is not possible out of the box unless you get very creative. If you build a query that grabs the particular SKUs for each product variation in theory you could have a quantity field for each variation. Direct access to exp_store_stock exp_store_stock_options tables via Expresso Store tags? briefly touches on it as does Exp:resso Store form created by products tag - I just want to submit a single SKU

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