I have a relationship field, and I want to display entries only if they are NOT populated with the relationship.

{exp:channel:entries channel="message" orderby="date" sort="asc" {gv_param_disable_default}}

            here's what doesn't seem to be working --> {if series_association:title == no_results}
            <h3><u>{title}</u> - <i><h5 class="inline-header">{message_date format='%F %j, %Y'}</h5></i></h3> 
            <p>{if message_speaker}<i>Speaker:</i> {message_speaker}{/if}
            <p>{if message_scripture}<i>Scripture Reference:</i> {message_scripture}{/if}
            <audio src="{message_audio}" preload="none" />



How would I code this to make it show only entries without a relationship?

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You can use no_results but like:

{if series_association:no_results}
    --- your content ---

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