I need to move an EE install into a subdirectory. The site currently has the system folder above web root and uses focus lab's dynamic config setup.

My desired setup would this:

      | -assets
      | -index.php
      | -admin.php

However I could not get the index.php working as yet. Anyone having an idea what the correct value for the $system_path variable located in the index.php would be?

Many Thanks

  • You can give the full server path here like $system_path = '[SERVER PATH]/system'; Jul 8, 2013 at 15:19

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The solution involved the following steps:

  1. set the $system_path in the index.php and admin.php to $system_path = '../../system';

  2. change a couple of lines in the config.master.php:

    on line 93 add your directory name to the $base_url variable like so:

    $base_url = $protocol . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].'/my_subdirectory';

    on line 94 add your directory name to the $base_path variable like so:

    $base_path = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/my_subdirectory';

  3. in case you use absolute path for your links in the site you will also have to do a find and replace for your href tags.

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