I am trying to connect a page by anchor and having no luck.

Here is my code :

<a href="{site_url}our_courses#953/">Name of Link</a>

and it's not working with this:

<a name="{category_id}"></a>

Any suggestions?

  • Apparently EE puts a trailing slash at the end of the url. I will have to figure out how to remove it.
    – billpixby
    Jul 8 '13 at 18:59

Your HTML has a trailing slash in it--EE wouldn't be the trailing slash in, in this context.

So, change this:

<a href="{site_url}our_courses#953/">Name of Link</a>

To this:

<a href="{site_url}our_courses#953">Name of Link</a>

And, you should end up with http://example.com/our_courses#953 as the output URL.

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