I have a client that has been posting things to different channels for a while now.

Today They edited a page and that page all the sudden was not available. I went in as super admin and checked the status, entry date, and Hide From Nav (Using Structure). All were set correctly. I even Edited all those fields to the wrong setting saved and set them all back and the entry still did not show up.

I recreated the entry as Super Admin and the entry worked fine.

After the client added an entry and the same thing had happened. When I went in and manually duplicated the entry it worked fine.

Any ideas? From Twitter I am about to check on Caching and testing if it is specific to that member or member group. If I find anything I will update.


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This is an odd bug that typically happens when the channel isn't assigned to a status group. So, check that.

ADMIN > CHANNEL ADMINISTRATION > CHANNELS > "Edit Group Assignments" for your channel > assign status group

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