I have this code in my safecracker form

<select class="span2" data-title="Help" data-placement="right" data-trigger="focus" data-content="{instructions:gender}" disabled id="gender">
   <option value="{option_value}" {selected}>{option_name}</option>

genders is a relationship field. According to the documentation, I should be able to generate options for a select field using this syntax

<select name="my_field_name">
                <option value="{option_value}"{selected}>{option_name}</option>

This doesn't work for me.

However, using


works but outputs a select dropdown. I don't want this since I want to specify some attributes for the select tag as you can see above.

Any idea why this is the case?

I am using EE 2.5.5


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You can try like this code example:

    {if relationship AND field_name == 'gender'}
        <select id="{field_name}" name="{field_name}[data][]">
                <option value="{option_value}"{selected}>{option_name}</option>

I hope, it would work for you.

  • In my case, I don't think I need [data][]. I got an error. So I removed and it worked for me. Jul 16, 2013 at 8:17
  • glad to know it. Jul 16, 2013 at 8:27

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