I am building a personal site to practice with EE, and on my resume page I am using the following code to display a list of categories with entries displayed under each category:

{exp:channel:categories channel="resume_skills"}
        <section id="{category_url_title}">
                {exp:channel:entries channel="resume_skills" category="{category_id}"}

The page url is /resume (template group), but the entries don't display unless you go to resume/index. The categories display fine however. Any ideas on how I can remedy this and keep the url intact?

I tested it on a separate page (/site/test) to make sure it wasn't anything else in the code on that page messing with it, and it displayed fine.


Try dynamic="no" in your channel tag or you maybe disable strict urls.

  • dynamic="no" usually solves most things, I can't believe I forgot about that. I had tried the channel:entries as an embed and used it, but never put it back in when I extracted it from the embed. Thanks! – Alexa Lohmeyer Jul 18 '13 at 6:06

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