Pagination isn't working for me in Structure for a listing-template. My entries loop for the listing looks like this:

    <article class="remedy">
        <h4 class="remedy-title"><a href="{page_url}">{title}</a></h4>
        <p class="remedy-description">{remedy_rel_product backspace='2' limit='3'}<a href="{url_title_path='shop/product'}">{title}</a>, {/remedy_rel_product}&hellip;</p>
            <ul class="pagination">
                        <li><a href="{pagination_url}" class="page-first">First Page</a></li>

                        <li><a href="{pagination_url}" class="page-previous">Previous Page</a></li>

                        <li><a href="{pagination_url}" class="page-{pagination_page_number} {if current_page}active{/if}">{pagination_page_number}</a></li>

                        <li><a href="{pagination_url}" class="page-next">Next Page</a></li>

                        <li><a href="{pagination_url}" class="page-last">Last Page</a></li>

The links output the right path, when I click on it going to /my-page/P##, it'll just default out to the site's home-template. In the template-debugger that's also exactly what I see:

(0.000218 / 14.59MB) Path.php Template: /

While without the pagination-segment it shows this:

(0.000138 / 14.59MB) Path.php Template: _templates/remedy_listing

Which is the correct template. Any thoughts as to what's going on here? I'm running Structure 3.3.10 on EE 2.6.1.

  • which version of Structure? Commented Jul 19, 2013 at 12:24
  • Clarified in question (3.3.10 + EE2.6.1)
    – Steven
    Commented Jul 19, 2013 at 12:51
  • do other pages work? Commented Jul 19, 2013 at 13:34
  • Yes. Even the page without pagination works fine, it's just with the pagination segment in that it fails and defaults to my index-template.
    – Steven
    Commented Jul 19, 2013 at 13:47

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Try uninstalling/reinstalling the extension (only). If that doesnt work, what ither extensions are installed?

  • Ok that did the trick. Any idea what was going on?
    – Steven
    Commented Jul 19, 2013 at 14:19

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