I am using the Freeform 4.0.12 along with ExpressionEngine v2.6.1 for forms in one of my projects and I have a situation where I need to display drop down values dynamically - based on what value was chosen in the previous dropdown.

Similar to a country/province dropdown - Eg. If I choose USA - then my province dropdown is filled with places from the USA, but if I choose India, then the provice dropdwon is filled with places in India.

Any idea how I can incorporate something like this?

Also, i am having an issue with the validation of the select fields. I am supposed to make them required. I tried using the inline errors and making the fields required. for example {freeform:field:country} - when I put this in, if I don't choose any option, by default the first value is chosen, if I manually enter all the values, then the validation works in the sense that the form is not submitted, but it doesnt display the field required error.

I could really use some help in there areas.

  • Hey Sucharitha - first, please make each question a single question, as people may have an answer to one and not the other in this case. What have you tried re: inline validation in Freeform? Please post your code. Jul 22, 2013 at 13:02
  • Ooo! I am so sorry, will remember to post separately from next time. I managed to solve both the issues this morning - the validation problem was that I forgot to add the {if freeform:error:my_field} <span class="error"> {freeform:error:my_field} </span>{/if} block for my select boxes and the other issue was solved using php/jquery and ajax as I posted below. Thanks so much :D
    – Sucharitha
    Jul 23, 2013 at 3:10

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Ok I managed to solve the dynamic dropdown values using some php/jquery and ajax, but I still have issues with the validation of the dropdown values. Can someone help me on that one?


I think, you are using "FreeForm Pro" and having "Select" field type for the country. And you are listing the countries within "Field Options" of field settings.

You should select "Value/Label List" from "List type" and for the first option put label like "-- Select Country --" with empty value. Now your country validation would work fine as the first/default country option will be submitted empty.

Share your further findings.

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