Having some trouble getting the empty_cart form element to work as a <button> element.

For example this works:

{exp:store:checkout next="store/checkout/1"}
  <input type="submit" name="empty_cart" value="Empty Cart" />

However using a button element instead of an input will not:

{exp:store:checkout next="store/checkout/1"}
  <button type="submit" name="empty_cart">Empty Cart</button>

The other inputs such as "update_cart" work fine as button elements. Is this a bug or am I just missing something?

The reason I want to use button elements is for styling purposes and I have to add an icon in the button using the CSS framework the project uses.

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I think the problem is submitted data. A button (of submit type) will submit a form, but it won't pass any value as POST and Store requires that to confirm what you want to do.


<button type="submit" name="empty_cart" value="Empty Cart">Empty Cart</button>

Now it has a value, it'll be submitted with the form data and Store can read it.

  • Missed that one. Thanks. Works as expected now. Jul 23, 2013 at 10:48

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