I am new to expression engine and following the tutorial on creating a module here: http://ellislab.com/expressionengine/user-guide/development/module_tutorial.html

issue is, there is that


is no longer valid in EE 2.6. How do I get the files list in the 2.6 version?

Thanks, Bharath


Looks like you lucked out: Changelog

But it's still in use throughout EE code (for example):

$fts = ee()->addons->get_files('fieldtypes');

Defined in /system/expressionengine/libaries/Addons.php (line 50 v1.6.1)

...or perhaps the other one in /system/expressionengine/models/file_model.php

$files = ee()->file_model->get_files($dir['id'], $params);

But not being in the documentation or formally available to developers can mean that Ellis Labs can change it in the future and therefore render your module broken, so I appreciate you're following the tutorial (which obviously needs updating) I wouldn't use the above function in a commercial environment.

Unless, like the tutorial, they've just not updated the documentation to refer to the function...

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