I have an Assets field in a Matrix field. When I'm inside the Assets field's loop, is there a shortcut tag to output the 'parent' entry's Title field (1.1 in the hierarchy below)?

  1. Entry
    1. Title
    2. Matrix field
      1. Assets field

Or do I have to use an embed?

I ask because I recall Pixel & Tonic used to document all kinds of variable tags for Playa such as {parent:title}, that still work but are now undocumented.

I've tried a few such ideas in my Assets loop to see if I could get lucky but no joy so far.

  • An aside: the Assets field is only in a Matrix field because there is no {if no_results} equivalent in Assets that I know of :( – Jonathan Schofield Jul 24 '13 at 14:11
  • It's probably also worth adding that the Entry at the top of the hierarchy above is in fact being called within a {playa:parents} loop within a {zoo_visitor:details} tag, which might screw up the shortcut tag if there is one. – Jonathan Schofield Jul 24 '13 at 14:13

Doh! The answer is to use the documented var_prefix parameter so I can then reference the entry's {title} field as normal :$

That Brandon fella has thought of (nearly) everything :)

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    Don't you just hate that guy? :) – Andris Sevcenko Jul 25 '13 at 6:04

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