Is there a way to return channel entries based on a custom field type value? I have set up a custom field type and I want to be able to return channel entries that just a have a specific value for that field. Is that possible?

Oh, and just to make it more complicated I can't use the search:field_name= parameter because:

  1. The custom fieldtype I need to search is a P&T Dropdown
  2. I actually need to also return any results that match a specific author_id= value in the same channel entry results
  3. I really need to query multiple custom fields across multiple channels

So what a I really need is a OR type query using a custom field as a parameter. I thought about creating a custom query or even making a quick plug-in, but the channel entries table along with trying to query custom field data is so convoluted. It's seriously a complete nightmare.

I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks.

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I think this is a good candidate for the Channel Query plugin. It has all of the features of {exp:channel:entries}, with the flexibility of the Query module.

    sql="SELECT entry_id FROM exp_channel_titles WHERE /* your custom query here */"
    <!-- all channel entries variables can be used here -->

Your custom query gets the entry_id's that match your criteria. Then, because you've got all the parameters and variables that come with the channel:entries tag, there should be no further querying for entries-related data needed. Just template as usual, as if you are using the native channel:entries tag.

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