Is there a way to retrieve the colour assigned to a status to use on a front-end template?

For instance, I have an ecommerce system that uses a status of "Declined". I have made this status display in red so on the back end the store administrator can easily see any declined transactions.

Now, say I wanted to output a list of a customer's transactions for them on the front end. Would it be possible to grab that colour to use in my template or will I need to create a series of conditionals and set colours that way (using CSS classes)?

I guess a quick hack around it would be to do something like

<p class="{status}">Status: {status}</p>
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    It might be good to add prefix to the class -- "status-{status}" -- but that's obviously just preference. Jul 31 '13 at 13:15

You can't, my friend. Your suggestion of code is the best option.

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