I just updated to Wygwams latest version and I don't see the "text align" option anymore. How do I restore it?


We just released Wygwam 3.1.2 which brought back the text alignment buttons.


Had this problem too. Looks like they removed it from the default set-up. First thing to check is under 'themes/third_party/wygwam/lib/ckeditor/plugins' you have the 'justify' plugin installed. If not just download it here (http://ckeditor.com/addon/justify?page=1) and place the whole folder in the plugins folder.

Next you need to be in 'system/expressionengine/third_party/wygwam/helper.php'

Around line 67 you'll see them setting up a multi-dimensional array in the 'tb_groups' function (this is where the CP Editor Configuration is pulling it's list of toolbar options from). Add a new array like so

array('JustifyLeft', 'JustifyCenter', 'JustifyRight', 'JustifyBlock')

Around line 577 you'll see them loading in some extra Plugins (there was 'wygwam' and 'readmore' in my file. You need to load the 'justify' extra in the same way.

$extraPlugins[] = 'justify';

You should now have the 4 alignment options in the EE Wygwam editor configuration pages to drag and drop into your toolbar and those options should also display in both the EE new/edit entry pages and also in Safecracker forms.


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