I have custom channel named foo that is connected to the the members via safecracker and safecracker registration.

In a hook I am making, the member_id of a person is available to me.

Is there a way using SQL to get the entry_id in channel_data table based on the member_id that I have?

SELECT ct.entry_id 
FROM exp_channel_titles AS ct
LEFT JOIN exp_channel_data cd ON ct.entry_id = cd.entry_id 
WHERE ct.author_id = $member_id

Although you've requested the entry_id in your question, you don't actually need to include channel_data, as it's in channel_titles. But I've included above in case you want to pull all the entry data (so change SELECT ct.entry_id to SELECT *)

$member_id in the above would be variable you're searching on.

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