What I'm trying to achieve is the following:
A three-level 'category' tree, with at the end channel_entries. So users can browse between categories & access the entries related to that category.

  • Category A
    • Category A.1
      • Entries
    • Category A.2
      • Entries
  • Category B
    • Category B.1
      • Category B.1.1
        • Entries
      • Category B.1.2
        • Entries
  • Category C

I'm already using the Child Categories-plugin,
but it seems like you can't access categories in such 'depth':

This add-on supports only 2 levels of categories, i.e. you can display parents and children,
but not grandchildren.

I also tried a combination between the native category tag & child categories,
but no success so far...

Or am I better off by writing a custom query?

What's the best way to approach this?

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    Have you tried GWCode Categories? I always use this add-on for category stuff, it's great. If this works out for you, I made an official answer since this is more or less a question/suggestion. gwcode.com/add-ons/gwcode-categories Dec 6, 2012 at 14:09

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I would go with gwcode-categories: it allows you to target categories by depth.


{exp:gwcode_categories channel="example" depth="3"}

You can find more info in the docs.

Anyway, your code should be something along these lines:

{exp:gwcode_categories channel="example"}
    {if depth == 3}
            {exp:channel:entries channel="example" category="{cat_id}"}
{exp:gwcode_categories channel="example"}
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    But remember that the depth-attribute in gwcode-categories always addresses an ABSOLUTE depth, i.e. depth 1 is always root-level.
    – BNetz
    Apr 18, 2014 at 13:07

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