I'm trying to have a Freeform Pro on my site that not only emails the site owner when it's submitted but an external email contact as well.

The external email is a field from a channel called company. I was hoping something like this could work:

{exp:channel:entries channel="companies" limit="1" site="default_site"}    
{exp:freeform:form form_name="el_list_form" required="name|email|phone|company" return="/search" recipient1="{company_email}"}

At the moment it emails the admin_notify in the freeform settings just fine but will not email the company_email contact. I tried just sticking in my own email manually and it doesn't seem to like that either.

I tried to see if it was my mail in general that was the issue by sending out a site communication message but that sent just fine.

Any ideas?

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This looks like a parsing order issue.

By default the Template Engine will start to parse by innermost module variable. So, in your case, exp:freeform:form is parsed before exp:channel:entries.

You need to make the exp:channel:entries be parsed first to make the {company_email} available to exp:freeform:form. For this, set the value of its parse parameter to inward:

{exp:channel:entries channel="companies" limit="1" site="default_site" parse="inward"}
  {exp:freeform:form form_name="el_list_form" required="name|email|phone|company" return="/search" recipient1="{company_email}"}

It's just this.


If you aren't using different notification templates for each recipient then you can use a pipe delimited list of email addresses for the admin_notify parameter (or specify them in the form tag parameters)

If you still encounter a parse order problem you might want to try adding a freeform field for the second address and including a hidden field in the form into which you put the second email address.

Then you could try using the name of that hidden field in your form tag.

Something like

<input type="hidden" name="second_email" value="{company_email}">

Then in your form tag pair use

{exp:freeform:form form_name="el_list_form" required="name|email|phone|company" return="/search" recipient1="{second_email}"}

Not tried it but it might work.

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