I want to display all entries from a specific channel that has a specific related entry tied to it. But search:field_name= doesn't apply.

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Have you tried using the query module instead of the channels module? I've done a lot of fancy stuff. You could also try dynamic parameters instead of search.

CreateSean's response is a good way to go through it as well :)

  • Yeah. This was the route I took ultimately. Though Sean's answer certainly works too. Nov 21, 2012 at 4:42

It sounds like using Pixel & Tonic's Playa module might be your best bet. It has tags for pulling entries based on relationships.


I would approach it this way, though I haven't tested this.

I would list out the entry that everything is related to by using the entry_id paramater and then within that entry use Reverse Related Entries. The code sample in the docs linked should get you there.

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