Using this plug-in. http://biberltd.com/en/documentation/software/biber_ltd_multi_language_support/

How can I switch from one language to another.

I've got the code switching from FR/EN on the top right menu but can't get it to work when a user is deaper into the site.

I'm confused between settings in my htaccess and site structure could anyone offer any insight?

Language switching works from main site: link to site in question: http://kanuk.com/dev/

Language switching does not work from deeper link: http://kanuk.com/dev/index.php/Collection/femmes/manteaux-chauds

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That's because of your index.php isn't included in your language changer link.


goes to:


which is missing the index.php element:


Either modify your htaccess so it removes the index.php (recommended), or change the links in the language changer so they generate the URL with index.php in it.


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