I posted this question a while ago under a different user - I can't comment on that one, so I'm reposting. Hope that's OK!

I'm having a problem with exp-resso whereby my client is receiving payment for orders made on the site but the orders are not appearing in the 'Orders' section of the store - they are remaining as 'Incomplete'

The first port of call would be the payment gateway, as it appears not to be flagging payment. However, the problem is appearing with both PayPal Express AND the Barclaycard EPDQ gateways.

Any pointers?

EDIT Apparently users are getting redirected to the order confirmation page as expected, but there is no order confirmation ail generated, and the order remains at 'incomplete'

Using EE 2.53 and Store 1.6.4

  • Martyn - if you change the email address for both accounts to be the same, or use the same OpenID/google account to log into both accounts (i.e. add it as an alternative google login to this account), they will get automatically merged overnight. Aug 19, 2013 at 16:44
  • Incomplete orders are basically still carts, so Store never completed the order. Did the payment actually go through? It's pretty much impossible for a PayPal express payment to be completed without Store marking the order as complete. Aug 19, 2013 at 16:46
  • Yes, I'm not convinced it's happening for PayPal (although they insist it's all payment gateways). I'd not be too surprised if it's happening with the Barclaycard EPDQ module I wrote myself though, as I may have just missed a step in the process Aug 20, 2013 at 17:21
  • Apparently it is happening with PayPal Express Aug 21, 2013 at 9:50
  • So you are receiving accepted payments through paypal (money in your account), and the orders are still marked as incomplete in Store? And this is happening on every order? Have you customized the core store code on this site at all? Can you email us about this so we can take a deeper look into it? Aug 21, 2013 at 15:17

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It's almost impossible for payments to be collected with Paypal and yet the order to remain incomplete. Paypal doesn't actually collect the funds until Store marks the order as complete. So that seems unlikely - I would check with your client and find exact steps to reproduce the problem.

With some other gateways, they only notify Store of the payment success, and there is a possibility the payment may go through but Store's notification URL is not called successfully. This could either be because the gateway didn't call the URL, or because your site blocked it for whatever reason.

Often a good place to start when debugging this sort of thing is to look at your server access logs and see if you can see the gateway calling the correct index.php?ACT= URL on your site, right after an order is completed. That will tell you whether or not your site is receiving the message or whether the problem is with the gateway.


I thought I'd just update this, as other people may find it useful

It turns out that the reason this started failing was that Barclaycard had done a major upgrade and migration of their payment system. They had informed the merchant, but the merchant, in their wisdom, didn't think it necessary to inform me!

I can't believe that they didn't associate the transactions failing with the email from Barclaycard informing them of a major system upgrade.


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