I have the following to strip out the p tags that are auto generated by Wygwam. For some reason it's not happening for me!

<h1>{exp:low_replace find="<p>"}{hero_article:articles_title}{/exp:low_replace}</h1>

This outputs an empty paragraph tag within the h1 tags.

Any idea why this might be? I've also tried parse="outward".

  • Couple questions: 1) Why are you using Wygwam for a title? Wouldn't a text field make more sense? 2) Why is the custom field prefixed with hero_article:? – kmgdev Aug 19 '13 at 16:29

You might want to remove the closing </p> as well:

{exp:low_replace find="<p>|</p>" multiple="yes"} ... {/exp:low_replace}

You'd be better off using Streeng in this way:

{exp:streeng allowed="h1" parse="inward"}<h1>{hero_article:articles_title}</h1>{/exp:streeng}

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