On our web-site each article (Single Entry Page) is accompanied by 4 related articles. Those 4 are chosen by the editors. I set up a native EE 2.6.1 Relationships Field for them. For the article itself I set up a Content Elements Field. In the related articles are below the main article I´d like to show

  1. the title of the related articles
  2. the articles first image (called intro_image)
  3. I also need the url_title_path, to make title + image clickable.

I have no problems with title + url, but can´t get the CE tag to work.

This is my code

    {exp:channel:entries channel="article" status="open|featured"}
       {related_article status="not closed"}
              {if element_name=="intro_image"}
                    {related_article:image} <= doesn´t work!
          <p><a href="{related_article:url_title_path='artikel/index'}">

This code is working fine for the title and the URL, but not for the image. I tried to prefix {artikel}, {gallery}, {image} in various combination with {related_article:}. But this is not working. When I leave out the related_article in frot of each of the three tags, I get the intro image from the main article. So I need an identifier, that points to the child entry.

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First off, your {images} tag is duplicated - instead of closing the first tag with {/images}, you have another {images}. Dunno if that's a simple typo from simplifying the actual template or not.

Secondly, is the {if element_name=="intro_image"} code getting called at all? I've found that such conditionals never work for me. I have to wrap element_name in quotes and EE tags: {if '{element_name}' == "intro_image"}. You can insert some temporary code in the conditional to make sure that part is working at least:

          {if '{element_name}'=="intro_image"}
             {!-- Debug code --}
             Element name is "intro_image"!
             {!-- // Debug code --}
                {related_article:image} <= doesn´t work!

Once all that's sorted out, if you still have problems, let me know. :)

EDIT: And yes, I know this is a rather old question, but Google sent me here! :p

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