Has anyone tried integrating EasyPost with Exp:resso Store? They seem like a good fit, and I might have a go at it myself if necessary, but I don't want to duplicate anybody's work.

Alternately, is there a basic template for a Store shipping module that I can start from?

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I don't know of anyone that has implemented EasyPost with Store. Store's shipping gateways are undergoing a major overhaul in how they function from v1 to v2 (which is under active development now). Depending on your timeframe I would recommend waiting for v2 to be released (or emailing [email protected] to see about getting added in to the beta).

There is not an example shipping module per say but you can look at the UPS/USPS/FedEx plugins in the current version of Store to see how things are setup currently as a great starting point. In v2 the shipping plugins are handled as extensions which should make them easier to create and extend.

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