I am trying to implement a multilanguage site.

I have a hook handler for the hook sessions_start that is supposed to set the language for a page. Here are the lines of code from the hook to change the language that I have tried.

$this->EE->config->_global_vars['language'] = 'xxxxx';

$this->EE->config->_global_vars['default_language'] = 'xxxxx';

$this->user_lang = "xxxxx";

But none of them worked.

Any idea how to change the language in a hook?

P.S. Tried this

public function do_sessions_start($session_object)
 $session_object->userdata['language'] = "xxxxx";

But it seems it only works if the user is logged out. If logged in, the preference in the localization settings seems to overwrite.

We want to overwrite that.

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The way I read the documentation on session hooks, what you set in sessions_start gets overridden by the logged in users settings.

Here is what the documentation says exactly: "Reset Session class variables, modify default/guest settings, take over whole session check, etc."

From what you're saying, I think you need your code on the sessions_end hook. Doc: "Modify the user’s session/member data, also allows for additional session or login methods (ex: log in to other system)."

Putting it on sessions_end, you will be able to overwrite the language variable, whether it's set from the logged in session or its the default value.

Link to documentation: http://ellislab.com/expressionengine/user-guide/development/extension_hooks/global/session/index.html

  • Following up. Did this resolve your issue, or did you find another way around it? Commented Sep 6, 2013 at 14:06

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