Can anyone help me with URL rewriting using Solspace SuperSearch as our SEO guys have suggested that these could be improved:

We have 5 dropdowns for make, model, fuel type, min price and max price. The form uses POST. Examples of the search results generated pages are:

Blank Form http://www.motors.coop/search/results/search&cf_make=&cf_fuel=&cf_price-from=0&cf_price-to=50001/

Make Only http://www.motors.coop/search/results/search&cf_make=Audi&cf_model=&cf_fuel=&cf_price-from=0&cf_price-to=50001/

Diesel Only http://www.motors.coop/search/results/search&cf_make=&cf_fuel=Diesel&cf_price-from=0&cf_price-to=50001/

Standard stuff, you'll agree. What our SEO company has suggested that these be re-written to something like this:


I agree that these are cleaner - is there a regex someone can suggest that can achieve this? The big issue is a user may not necessarily choose anything from any of the dropdowns. In this case, can the URL be something like:


Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance.

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Have a look at Template Routes by Rob Sanchez. You should be able to setup a route with wildcards in a set order, then match those to each part of the segment that Super Search needs. Something like:

$config['template_routes'] = array(
    'search/:any/:any/:any/:num/:num' => 

The other thing you'd have to do is make your search form redirect to the clean URL, but that should be fairly easy.

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