I am redirecting a user to a custom template after they submit a form. I'd like to include their name on the thank you page, but as it's a redirect, I can't get any form data.

I tried editing this line on mod.forms.php

$form['return'] = $form['form_settings']['return_url'];


$form['return'] = '/mytmeplategroup/thankyou/' . ee()->input->post('name_first');

But as the return URL is generated BEFORE the form is submitted, this is clearly the wrong answer.

Can I pass custom variables to a new template (worst case, just a form submission entry Id and I can go get the data perhaps?)

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You can use use a variable in your return url like this:


And on the thankyou template do something like this:

{exp:forms:entries fentry_id="{segment_3}"}


I dunno what Forms is doing with return_url, but could you do something with JavaScript in the generated form's onsubmit event?

  • Need a non JS solution sadly.. I ended up 'hacking' the module.. added a hidden field on the form page too.. using that to set a session and pick up the data elsewhere... phew!
    – Beertastic
    Commented Aug 28, 2013 at 12:09

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