I have a Freeform form running on a site. The form runs at sub.domain.com/folder/index.php and basically uploads a file and sends two emails.

Yesterday, all was working well while under EE 2.6.1. Today I updated EE to 2.7 and now anytime I submit the form I get this message :

You are not authorized to perform this action - Reason: Secure Forms Timeout

The only thing that change is the EE upgrade. I'm using Freeform 4.0.12.

I did see this thread and double checked there was no redirect, but everything happens under the same folder on the same subdomain.

Thanks for any pointer you could provide.

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For now, Freeform is not compatible with EE2.7 - check the blogpost here http://www.solspace.com/blog/entry/compatibility_with_ee_2.7.0/


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