I've just upgraded to EE 2.7.0 and I am thinking about migrating my use of Matrix to Grid and my use of Playa to Relationships. The main reason is that since I run more than one site off my EE install, using Grid and Relations would allow me to implement such fields on all sites, instead of just one since I only have a single license each for Matrix and Playa.

Moving manually would be a bit time consuming, especially when it comes to my Matrix implementation, so I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for how to automate the process? I do own Solspace's Importer module, but I am not sure if it would be useable in this scenario.


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In short: this is a doozy. Writing a routine to migrate a Playa field to a Relationship field wouldn't be too bad. But Matrix → Grid is another level - especially depending on what kind of columns you have in those Matrix fields (and if their fieldtypes are even Grid-compatible yet).

My guess would be that it's cheaper for you to license your additional sites at $118 a piece than spend many frustrating hours attempting to migrate your existing data. Or just use Grid and Relationship fields going forward and leave what's in-place as it is.

  • My use of Matrix is fairly simplistic, on the whole. Its a three-column setup with File, Text, Text. Does that still sound like a bad idea? I suppose I should add that I haven't yet done (or seen) a good comparison of Matrix and Grid (or Playa and Relationships), so I am not quite sure what capabilities I'd be giving up on. It just seemed more sensible to use the same method on all sites, to lessen the chance of confusion. Aug 30, 2013 at 8:40

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